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Skrilla is a licensed, fully regulated, global esports wagering brand
Our Daily Fantasy Esports platform is currently live and our roadmap includes a betting exchange, pool betting and head-to-head skill based competitions. The platform will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, with the Skrilla token as the core unit of exchange, to provide the gaming community with the world’s premier esports wagering platform.
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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Esports; The Future of Wagering

Reduced Fees
Fees are driven by intermediaries. Blockchain allows for their removal, cutting costs and increasing prize pool payouts.
Global Pools
The token’s use as the global unit of exchange, removes regional currencies, allowing cross boarder participation, liquidity and improved odds.
Incentivised Networks
Tokens are distributed to members to incentivise engagement, referral and retention, driving network effects for the communities benefit.
Trust and Transparency
Blockchain results in documented and immutable transactions, preventing tampering and improving audibility.

Skrilla Token Sale

What is a Skrilla (SKR) Token:

The Skrilla token sale will offer a new ERC20 token, Skrilla (SKR), built upon the Ethereum blockchain.

The primary function of Skrilla (SKR) is as a utility token within the Skrilla platform, in order to enter contests, place bets and receive winnings.

Price of SKR in Eth:

We only accept ETH in exchange for SKR

Presale (Day 1) 3000 SKR : 1 ETH
Presale (Day 2-3) 2500 SKR : 1ETH
Round 1 (Day 1) 2400 SKR : 1ETH
Round 2 (Days 2-7) 2200 SKR : 1ETH
Round 3 (Days 8-14) 2000 SKR : 1ETH
Token Distribution

Maximum SKR created 1,000,000,000
The total Token supply at the completion of the Token Sale will depend on the number of Purchased Tokens sold, in addition to Growth Tokens and Team Tokens allocated.

1 Purchased Tokens
60% of SKR Tokens (600,000,000) will be available for purchase during the Token Sale.

The funds will be used for development, business operations, marketing, legals and contingency over the next four years to deliver on the roadmap milestones. Unsold Tokens from this budget will not be created.

2 Growth Tokens
30% of SKR tokens (300,000,000)

These Tokens will be allocated to ensure that liquidity and incentives will be available to distribute to members and affiliates to grow the network post the Sale.

3 Team Tokens
10% of SKR tokens (100,000,000) will be allocated to the the Skrilla Team (advisors and core team) and vested to align the Team with project delivery.

Token Sale Details

Pre Sale (10 ETH Minimum)

Round 1 20 Oct - 21 Oct (9 PM UTC)
Round 2 21 Oct - 23 Oct (9 PM UTC)


Round 1 6 Nov - 7 Nov (9 PM UTC)
Round 2 7 Nov - 13 Nov (9 PM UTC)
Round 3 13 Nov - 20 Nov (9 PM UTC)

Calendar Link
To add the above schedule to your calendar and see the dates in your local timezone click here to download the schedule as an .ics file (Compatible with iCal / Google Calendar / Outlook & others).

* For further details on the token sale, please see the Whitepaper.

Security Note

Do NOT send ETH from an exchange. Use MyEtherWallet, Mist or Parity wallets.

We will never post the token address to anywhere other than the official token sale website at Never send ETH to any address you have not first verified the owner of. Further security measures will be published along-side the token address once the token sale goes live.

Token Structure

Token Distribution
Token distribution if total Token Supply is reached.
  • Purchased Tokens
  • Growth Tokens
  • Team Tokens
(See the whitepaper for full details)
Token Sale Rounds & Discounts
Presale Round 1
Day 1
$0.10 / SKR Token*
Presale Round 2
Day 2 to 3
$0.12 / SKR Token*
Crowdsale Round 1
Day 1
$0.125 / SKR Token*
Crowdsale Round 2
Day 2 to 7
$0.135 / SKR Token*
Crowdsale Round 3
Week 2
$0.15 / SKR Token*
(*Indicative price based on 1ETH: $300 USD)


Daily Fantasy Esports platform live and operational
Australian licence issued. Progressing international licences
Esports market is global and rapidly expanding (40% YoY)
Product launch into the US imminent. European and Asian markets to follow
Distribution and content driven by GAMURS Group. 3.5m MAU / 250m monthly impressions
Talented media, gambling and technical team, operating for 3+ years



Esports DFS product live

Licenced (Aus)

Existing userbase

GAMURS ecosystem

Stage 1.0

Ewallet token integration

Token contests (Aus)

Free-to-play contests (US & Canada)

Stage 2.0

Growth token integration

Licences (US)

Token contests (US)

Stage 3.0

European expansion (Licences)

Platform transitioned to blockchain

Stage 4.0

Head to head skill based competition

Token integration into GAMURS group brands

Stage 5.0

Betting exchange

Pool betting

Stage 6.0

Token integration with external partners

Growth fund to rapidly scale userbase and operational capital to grow the Skrilla network


To learn more, see our documents and resources below.