Keen to buy Skrilla Tokens (SKR)? Here's How!


Buy Ether (ETH).

ETH is a cryptocurrency which can be bought from a third party exchange, using a credit / debit card or via bank deposit. Skrilla Tokens (SKR) can only be purchased using ETH and purchasing your first ETH can sometimes take more than 24 hours if you're just starting out so its important to get started early so you don't miss out on the deals (Trap for young players #1).

For less than $500 purchases we recommend Coinbase which will accept cards and transfer quickly. If you want to buy larger amounts check out BTC Markets if you're Aussie (for Poli or Bpay transactions) or Bittrex if you're operating globally.

Check out how to purchase ETH using Coinbase in the video below.


Set up MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Think of MEW like an online bank account, but instead of storing your local currency it provides secure access to your Ethereum based crypto-currencies. Its really easy to get set up, just follow the video below.

Check out the simple MyEtherWallet setup video below.


Withdraw your ETH.

Currently the ETH you bought at the exchange (probably Coinbase, BTC Markets or Bittrex) is being held by them on your behalf. In order to actually do stuff with it you'll need to withdraw it into your own wallet first. Trying to spend your ETH straight out of your exchange account can lead to all sorts of problems as exchanges don't often implement fully standards compliant systems (Trap for young players #2).

Check out the step by step Coinbase -> MyEtherWallet walkthrough video below.


Get some Skrilla into your Wallet!

Now you've bought your Ether (ETH) and its stored in your personal wallet (MEW) you're ready to spend! All you need to do is send your ETH from your Wallet to the Skrilla contract address, which will process your transaction and send your SKR back! You beauty!

Check out the detailed walkthrough in the video below.